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Pro Maker Performance a very unique combination of ingredients

pro maker performance

Yesterday details came in on an upcoming protein powder from Human Evolution Supplements called Pro Maker Hydrolyzed. The product was named after the man who formulates for the brand, the Pro Maker George Farrah. It now appears that Pro Maker Hydrolyzed is just the first in what looks like a Pro Maker series. Today another similarly named supplement from Human Evolution has been unveiled titled Pro Maker Performance.

Unlike Hydrolyzed, Pro Maker Performance isn’t exactly obviously named. While it does give some of its intentions away in its title, there is a lot more to the product than its name lets off. The brand describes the second Pro Maker supplement as a number of things with its headline categories saying stimulant free pre-workout and post-workout. Then on the product’s label under the title it confirms its contents with creatine and pump stack.

Basically Pro Maker Performance is a creatine with a handful of extras, intended to be taken a pre and/or post-workout. The supplement features a combination of ingredients that are divided up and described as creatines and creatine enhancing agents. Starting with the creatine blend, Human Evolution has thrown in five types of creatine with 4g of HCl, 250mg each of MagnaPower, citrate, gluconate and creatine phosphate, and an extra half gram of HICA. As for all the ingredients classed as creatine enhancers, Pro Maker Performance packs 1.5g each of citrulline malate and CarnoSyn beta-alanine, 400mg taurine, 300mg betaine and 200mg of calcium HMB.

While Pro Maker Performance’s contents do put the product in a number of categories, as mentioned we’d class this one as a complex creatine formula with a number of extras. Strangely enough we haven’t actually seen a complex creatine for quite some time, with ANS Performance’s CreXcel being the last big one we remember. Human Evolution is looking to launch Pro Maker Performance some time in the next month or so, with the brand’s own website likely to be the first place it goes on sale.

Human Evolution Pro Maker Performance

pro maker performance