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Rapid-Test only packs enough to last you three weeks


A lot has happened since we first posted about iSatori’s new CT Fletcher Signature Series. It was the announcement of Rapid-Test that started it all off, then we got news of the pre-workout ISYMFS, with the last update coming in yesterday about the CT Fletcher line being exclusive to Today we have a bit more on the supplement that first confirmed the iSatori series, as initially we didn’t exactly know everything about CT Fletcher’s testosterone booster.

In our original post on Rapid-Test we were able to confirm eight ingredients for the product, as well as each of the features’ doses. The ingredients were 600mg of Testosurge fenugreek, half a gram of TribuDrive tribulus, 25mg calcium d-glucarate, 30mg zinc, 10mg boron, and vitamins D, B6 and B12 at 400 IU, 10.5mg and 20 mcg. Now that a lot more information has surfaced on Rapid-Test we can tell you that those eight features are in fact all that’s in the supplement. While there was the chance that more could be in the CT Fletcher Signature Series muscle builder, that is it for the formula.

Before we close out there is one more slightly important detail we have to mention, and that is the amount of servings in iSatori’s Rapid-Test. Basically the brand has designed the product to last the same length of time as their recent release Maxon, as each bottle of Rapid-Test only packs three weeks worth. The main reason that’s important is because most muscle building supplements will last you a full month, which is usually 30 days. So when the product does eventually go on sale you will need to add another 33% onto its price to get its full month cost and be able fairly compare it to its competitors.

iSatori CT Fletcher Signature Series Rapid-Test


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