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STW shares 3 of its 5 ingredients with Dynamik’s Gamma-Ray


While Run Everything Labs has revealed four new supplements today, of the four two basically fall into the same category. The area we’re talking about is pre-workout, with the product we’re talking about in this post being the stimulant free STW, also known as Show The World. Like most stimulant free solutions these days STW features a few pump ingredients, although does also have something we just saw in another supplement from the same subcategory.

All together Run Everything Labs STW packs five different ingredients, most of which are included to increase pump. The features we’re talking about for pump are 2.5g of citrulline malate (2:1), 1g agmatine sulfate and 200mg norvaline. The other two items on the product’s label are 30mg of n-methyl-d-aspartic acid, and an ingredient we just saw used in another pump pre-workout with 25mg of epicatechin. The supplement we’re talking about for epicatechin is of course Kai Greene’s Dynamik Muscle product Gamma-Ray, which also packs citrulline malate at 2.5g as well as agmatine although only at 500mg.

With Run Everything Labs’ STW having a lot in common with the recently released Dynamik Gamma-Ray, it’s no surprise the supplement promises the same kind of result with a powerful pump. It is also worth mentioning that the brand does direct users to stack STW with its stimulant powered EWP for an even better pre-workout experience. Unfortunately the pump product won’t be coming in unflavored so you will end up mixing different flavors if you do decide to stack, with two to choose from for STW in Mango and Raspberry.

Run Everything Labs STW, Show The World


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