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Reformulated Amino War drops glutamine for betaine and taurine

amino war

Already this month we’ve seen the Australian brand Body War unveil two updated supplements, the pre-workout PreWar and fat burner Body Shred. While they were both reformulated without the controversial stimulant AMP citrate, the brand did do a little more to the two outside of removing the ingredient. Following on from the new versions of PreWar and Body Shred, Body War has now actually unveiled yet another updated product although this time it’s not because anything needed to be removed.

The latest supplement Body War has decided to reformulate is Amino War, the amino cocktail the brand launched earlier this year. As mentioned the product hasn’t had anything controversial removed, suggesting it’s only been altered to make it more competitive. Basically very few ingredients have been kept the same with really only the 4g of BCAAs and 1g citrulline malate remaining untouched. Everything else has been bumped up including 100mg more HICA and agmatine sulfate, an extra 200mg of carnitine-l-tartrate, and 50mg more of lysine and alanine.

While there are a lot of features in Amino War that have been increased slightly, there are also ingredients that have been removed and introduced. Something that the original supplement has that the reformulated version does not, is 2g of glutamine. To make up for the loss Body War has added two more with 650mg of taurine and 1.5g of betaine.

Like all of Body War’s other reformulations, Amino War’s changes do go beyond its contents. As well as getting two new ingredients and a number of increased doses, the product has also got an all new menu. Replacing Amino War’s originals are the two 32 serving flavors, Blue Hawaiian and Green Apple, both of which are due to go on sale in two to three weeks time.

Body War Amino War, reformulated

amino war

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