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Muscle & Strength deal drops Beast Protein to a new low

beast protein

As surprisingly good as’s introductory price on Beast Sports’ new Beast Protein was, you’re going to be a lot more surprised by Muscle & Strength’s. Originally had 4lb of Beast Protein at $34.99, a price that was just too good to be true. Since that time the supplement has been bumped up a bit to $39.99, however for 4lb of protein that is still a good deal. Muscle & Strength has now launched the product and with a promotion that actually works out Beast Protein to lower than that impressive $34.99.

At the moment Muscle & Strength has Beast Protein at exactly $39.98 for a 4lb tub in both of its flavors, Chocolate and Vanilla. Where the deal comes in is every tub of the supplement does get you a free 60 serving bottle of the brand’s creatine Creature. At its cheapest a regular size tub of Creature would cost you somewhere in the area of $25. When it’s worked out free with Beast Protein at $39.98, even if you value the creatine at $10 that puts the 4lb protein at $29.98.

No matter which way you look at Muscle & Strength’s Beast Protein promotion, it’s definitely the best value we’ve seen for the new Beast product, although it has only been available for about a week.

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