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Beast Protein price goes up by more than 10% at

beast protein

Over the weekend Beast Sports’ all new protein powder Beast Protein went on sale at with a little surprise. What made the supplement’s launch so interesting wasn’t its flavors, formula or size, it was in fact its price. The 4lb product was introduced without a promotion at just $34.99, a very impressive price compared to all the other proteins on the market. We weren’t too sure if there was a mistake or some kind of deal going on, either way now for whatever reason Beast Protein’s cost has gone up.

Without any kind of major mention has just increased the price of Beast’s latest from $34.99 up to $39.99. The reason we’re saying it’s a price increase is because the original $34.99 wasn’t being promoted as a sale or discounted, meaning it is the supplement’s regular price that’s changed. While that does add between 14 to 15% extra to the product, $39.99 for a 4lb protein is still very competitive.

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