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Myokem Transport will feature a total of six different ingredients

myokem transport

Following on from last week’s preview of Myokem’s upcoming stimulant free fat burner Thyrovate, today we have a similar kind of look at the brand’s other entirely new supplement on the way. Up until now all we knew about the product was that it is going to be a nutrient partitioning formula with every ingredient being transparently dosed. Today we can confirm a lot more than that including one of its ingredient, what it is going to do for you, and the official name of the supplement which is Myokem Transport.

Just as we got for Thyrovate, are first look at Myokem Transport is a shot of its face. In it as mentioned we have its title, effects, and one of its features. The ingredient highlighted right on the front is Berberine, something we’ve seen in a few of other nutrient partitioners such as Prime’s Partition-MD. Outside of that the only other thing we know about the formula of Transport is that Berberine is one of six ingredients.

Moving on to what Myokem promises the product will do for you, we have a total of three effects from the front of the label. As well as increasing nutrient partitioning, something you’d expect a nutrient partitioner to do, Myokem Transport will also increase insulin sensitivity and reduce fat storage.

While the information on both Myokem Transport and the other upcoming supplement Thyrovate, is coming in slowly, we are definitely building towards a massive finish to the year. For those that don’t know the brand is also getting ready to release reformulated versions of its original pre-workout Nitramine and fat burner Pyroxamine. Those two make it a total of four launches left to come from Myokem, all of which are looking like they’ll be going down sometime in the next few months.

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