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First look at Thyrovate confirms ingredients and effects


Today we get our first look at one of Myokem’s two entirely new supplements it has coming soon. If you missed our post from two weeks back on the pair, we were able to confirm the categories for the brand’s two products with one being a stimulant free fat burner and the other a nutrient partitioner. The supplement put in the spotlight in this post is the weight loss formula that is officially titled Thyrovate.

As well as getting the name of the Myokem product, the first look at Thyrovate does also give us two ingredients, four of its most important effects, and an idea on its serving size. If you can’t quite make it out in the image above, the two features the preview confirms for the supplement are iFAS503 and Sensoril. iFAS503 is a branded combination of green tea, tuber fleeceflower and parasitic loranthus, with Sensoril being a commonly used branded version of ashwagandha extract.

Moving on to the effects Myokem promises for Thyrovate, the product is said to reduce appetite, accelerate fat loss, increase resistance to stress, and target your midsection. The one last detail we have is the amount of capsules in each bottle of the supplement which is 120. As per usual that total doesn’t really say a whole lot, it does however suggest Thyrovate will have a two to three capsule serving size, meaning that there will be quite a bit more to the fat burner outside of iFAS503 and Sensoril.

No doubt we’ll have more updates from Myokem soon, although since it now has four products coming soon thanks to the picamilon drama, the next lot of information we get will likely be on one of the other three.

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