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Intra-Amino BCAA featuring 15 different ingredients

intra-amino bcaa

Adapt Nutrition has released the list of contents for its upcoming intra-workout supplement Intra-Amino BCAA. Last time we posted about the product all we could confirm was Intra-Amino’s name, a rather large serving size of 16g, and at least one flavor for the supplement in Pineapple. We can now tell you that there are a total of 15 different ingredients making Intra-Amino, although unfortunately at the moment we don’t know any of their doses.

Starting from the top of Adapt’s Intra-Amino BCAA list we have leucine, citrulline malate, glutamine, isoleucine, valine. Betaine anhydrous, lysine, threonine, phenylalanine, tryptophan, methionine, sodium and potassium chloride, and lastly vitamin B6. If that order is as we suspect from heaviest to lightest, it would be good to assume the brand has dosed Intra-Amino pretty well, especially for an intra-workout.

To go with the complete list of ingredients in Adapt’s upcoming Intra-Amino BCAA, the brand has also confirmed its entire menu. As mentioned, previously we only knew of one flavor for the product in Pineapple. It turns out there will in fact be just one more option for it with Green Apple. Adapt has said fans can expect to see Intra-Amino on shelves sometime in the next few months, giving a rough time frame of early next year.

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