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Creatine A5X true to its name with five forms of creatine

creatine a5x

Following on from its launch of Liquid L-Carnitine LS3 and unveiling of Lipo-Drex, iSatori has now introduced yet another new supplement. Unlike the other two products however, the latest from the brand is in fact one we’ve seen before. The supplement we have details on today is Creatine A5X, which we did get a small glimpse of in February of last year. While it has been 20 months since we first saw the product, it does look like the same kind of formula is in the finished Creatine A5X.

Staying true to its name and the original preview. Creatine A5X features five different forms of creatine with di-creatine malate, monohydrate, Creatine MagnaPower, Creatine ABB (alpha-amino-n-butyrate) and Creatine Anhydrous. Those five ingredients have all been mixed into a single 3g proprietary blend along with agmatine sulfate and betaine anhydrous. Creatine A5X will be coming in just the one rather large 50 serving tub size, with Unflavored being the only option on its menu.

At the moment Creatine A5X is just said to be coming soon, much like Lipo-Drex, with no exact or rough time frame for when it will be available.

iSatori Creatine A5X

creatine a5x

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