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Olympus Labs confirms the category of 1 of its 4 upcoming supplements

olympus labs

Just under one week ago Olympus Labs got its fans more than excited when it announced that it would be introducing four all new supplements at the upcoming Arnold Classic. Nothing outside of the number of products was revealed, although we did get a pixelated teaser that left us with a handful of guesses. This week we have a follow up to last week’s post, confirming the category of the mystery supplement from the teaser.

While we don’t yet have a name, clear look or even an ingredient from the product, we do now know that one of the four supplements Olympus is introducing at the Arnold is a weight loss formula. We can also confirm one more detail that’s not quite as important as the category, which is that the fat burner is a capsule product. As expected and as you can see, Olympus is releasing its information bit by bit, so if you’re a fan be sure to follow along as we build up to the Arnold on March 3rd.

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