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All four Ceuticore reformulations launched direct


Early last month Ceuticore Nutrition unveiled the supplements it teased one month prior, which were all reformulations of the brand’s four originals. The updated products have now been launched direct by the brand, giving fans the chance to purchase them and see all the changes Ceuticore has made. As previously mentioned the reformulated supplements have kept their original names with BRN, Force, Myostane and Re-Fuel, although they have been given a slightly different look.

The place to go to check out all the products is, which does show off all of the new supplements’ facts panels. Some of the changes worth mentioning include the pre-workout Force’s heavy addition of 6g of citrulline, Re-Fuel’s addition of 1.5g of betaine and 1g of creatine HCl, and the fact that the products are now all 100% transparent.

To celebrate the launch of its reformulations, Ceuticore has actually given us a coupon for our readers to use on its website. The code is “STACK3D20” which gets you 20% off any of the supplements. Buying direct from the brand is expensive as it is with most, but the coupon does get the products close to store prices dropping the likes of Force and Re-Fuel down from $59.99 to $47.99.

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