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Pre-Gro Max not as heavy or transparent as its predecessor

pre-gro max

Details behind iSatori’s sequel pre-workout Pre-Gro Max have finally been released, something we’ve been waiting for ever since the supplement was confirmed last month. As suspected based on the size of the product’s tub, the Pre-Gro Max formula is a little bit smaller than its predecessor. The smaller space hasn’t actually held iSatori back though, as it has squeezed an even larger variety of ingredients into the sequel.

Firstly it may come as no surprise that Pre-Gro Max carries over a lot of features from the original Pre-Gro. It is however surprising to see that the new version isn’t as transparent. While the latest from iSatori does have a lot in common with Pre-Gro, only two of ingredients are transparently dosed compared to its predecessor being 100% transparent. If we were looking at an entirely new supplement that had no name to live up to, then this would be a terrible move. Since however iSatori has already proven it knows how to make an effective pre-workout with Pre-Gro being one our top five, its lack of transparency is more of a bold move although still somewhat disappointing.

Moving on to what’s actually in Pre-Gro Max, as mentioned it does have a lot in common with the original. 8 of its 16 different ingredients are in fact from Pre-Gro, and are still split up into three blends, muscle building, plasma expansion and core focus.

First you have the 5.36g (two servings) muscle building complex made up of MonoCre creatine monohydrate, CarnoSyn beta-alanine, iSatori’s bio-active Bio-Gro and Creatine MagnaPower. Next is the 1.52g blend of HydroMax glycerol, Nitrosigine, glycerol, citrulline malate, agmatine, AstraGin, and GlycoCarn glycine propionyl-l-carnitine. Last but least is the 535mg stimulant matrix featuring 276mg of caffeine, 100mg di-caffeine malate, Grape-Power grape seed, schisandra and theobromine.

As you can see all of Pre-Gro Max’s blend numbers are a lot smaller than Pre-Gro’s. That does of course suggest that some of the ingredients in those blends are also dosed a little lighter. In some cases it’s fairly obvious what you’re getting less of, for example Pre-Gro Max’s plasma blend weighs in at 1.52g, which is almost half the amount of HydroMax in its predecessor. The lower numbers however haven’t stopped iSatori from promising similar effects as the original Pre-Gro, with Max promoting strength, power, energy, pump and focus.

Despite Pre-Gro Max looking significantly different dose wise compared to the current version, we will definitely be picking this one up to see if the brand has done the Pre-Gro name justice. No launch date has been set for the product yet, although iSatori is hoping to have it out some time in the next month or two.

iSatori Pre-Gro Max

pre-gro max

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