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Red Ghost packs quite a bit into its four capsule servings

red ghost

Controlled Labs has just revealed the label behind its upcoming weight loss supplement Red Ghost. As confirmed last week, the all new product is set to replace the brand’s current fat burning competitor Red Acid Reborn, which was actually released roughly three years ago. It’s because of that age we’re not too surprised that Red Ghost has almost nothing in common with its predecessor Red Acid Reborn.

All together Controlled Labs’ Red Ghost features 10 different transparently dosed ingredients, with some common and some not so much. Starting from the top of the supplement’s label you have half a gram of GABA, 400mg each of cayenne pepper, cha-de-bugre and bacopa monnieri. 300mg of the always included caffeine, 250mg each of cocoa bean and coleus forskohlii, 200mg green coffee, and lastly 100mg each of horsetail and green tea extract.

In short Red Ghost is packed with more than enough ingredients to justify the subtitle on its bottle “Fat Incineration Matrix”. Because of its wide variety of features we also wouldn’t be surprised if Controlled Labs ends up promising a number of effects for the product when it eventually arrives. You can get a more complete look at the Red Ghost combination below in its facts panel and expect to see the supplement on shelves very soon.

Controlled Labs Red Ghost

red ghost

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