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Victory Labs unveils its flavored fat burner Xenevar


As promised and teased, Victory Labs has just increased the size of its family of supplements. One of three it said it had coming soon has now been unveiled, introducing the fat burning formula Xenevar. Not much is known about the contents of the product, although everything else about it has been confirmed including its effects, flavors and servings.

Victory Labs is promising all the usual benefits for Xenevar with increased energy, mood enhancement, appetite control and overall weight loss. While we don’t know all of its ingredients just yet, we do know the supplement has at least four features backing up those effects. The few we know of are a sustained release caffeine matrix, multiple sources of carnitine, and an energy ingredient called AMPiberry.

The only other Xenevar details we have are its size and flavors, with the product due to be available in four 60 serving tastes in Bubblegum, Peach, Raspberry Vanilla and Mango Coconut. For now Victory Labs is just promoting the fat burner as coming soon, which by the sounds of things doesn’t mean the sometimes one to three months away.

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