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Close up confirms that Dynamik’s Prey is a whey protein formula

dynamik prey

We were recently treated to a bit of a leak from Kai Greene’s supplement company Dynamik Muscle. Basically we got a sneak peek at the brand’s long-awaited protein powder Dynamik Prey. The distant shot didn’t really confirm a whole lot, just that the product pictured is a protein powder named Prey. Today we have a much better look at the supplement confirming a bit more information.

You can see the clearer shot of Dynamik Prey in the image above which reveals exactly what kind of protein it is. The product describes itself as a “primeval whey protein formula”, obviously meaning its protein comes from whey sources. We also get confirmation that we were right last week when we said Prey is a 2lb formula with 30 servings per tub. The last little detail today’s update reveals is that the supplement is coming in at least one flavor with Crazed Chocolate Cheesecake.

We are of course still missing quite a few other details for Dynamik Prey including its nutrition panel, launch and more flavors if there are any. We do however imagine all of that will be along soon, especially since it is being suggested that the protein is ready to go.

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