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Kai Greene says he will not be on the Mr. Olympia stage in September

kai greene not doing the 2016 mr. olympia

One of the biggest stories from last year’s Mr. Olympia contest was Kai Greene not stepping on stage to take on the now ex-Gifted Nutrition athlete Phil Heath. In the months since all of that went down, fans have been wanting to know if the face of Dynamik Muscle was also going to be giving the 2016 Olympia a miss. A while back we did hear that Greene was open to discussions, however now it seems we’ve finally been given a straight answer.

Kai Greene’s answer can be heard several times in a new interview with Muscular Development’s Bob Cicherillo. The interview itself runs for almost an entire hour where the Predator touches on a number of different topics. The answer to the big question though appears to be no, Kai Greene will not be doing the 2016 Mr. Olympia. If you watch the entire video you’ll hear Greene as well as Cicherillo say that we won’t be seeing the major contender on the Olympia stage in September.

You can check out Kai Greene’s interview with Bob Cicherillo below or direct on YouTube. For those that just want to hear the answer to the big question, as mentioned you can hear it a few times in the video including at the 28:00 and 29:50 marks.

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