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BloodShred War Edition identical to Raw just without rauwolfia


Yesterday we posted everything you need to know about Olympus Labs’ upcoming weight loss formula BloodShred, which we discovered is going to be available in two versions. We now have everything you need to know about that other edition, officially titled BloodShred War Edition. The two flavored fat burners are actually only separated by one ingredient, as BloodShred War Edition is essentially an international version.

You can see the label for Olympus Labs’ other weight loss formula below, which is identical to BloodShred Raw Edition’s just without rauwolfia (alpha yohimbine). The removal of the stimulant lowers the weight of the supplement’s Extreme Energy, Focus, & Thermogenesis Matrix down 6mg to a total of 300mg. As mentioned the removal also makes BloodShred War Edition much more friendly with international markets as a lot of countries don’t allow alpha yohimbine to be sold on shelves.

Olympus Labs BloodShred War Edition


Just like Blood Shred Raw Edition, the yohimbine free BloodShred is also going to be released this week right in line with the Olympia. To be one of the first to get your hands on either of Olympus Labs’ new flavored fat burners, you’ll want to keep an eye on the brand’s website Both BloodShreds are going to be introduced with some kind of deal, with everything expected to go live tomorrow.

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