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ketone io

Last month we posted about Limited Labs’ upcoming Ketone 1, which is the world’s first ketogenic sports drink. This week the brand has released some new and very important details that you will need to know if you’re one of its many Indiegogo backers or even just interested in the product.

Firstly, Limited Labs has officially changed the name of the supplement from Ketone 1 to Ketone io, an update you can see reflected in the image above. You’ll also notice in that image that the bottle of Ketone io is different from that of Ketone 1. That is because the brand has simply switched to a more common RTD bottle, which has brought with a different looking label that’s actually more in line with Limited Labs’ other products, Dragon and Phoenix.

While Ketone io does now have a new name, bottle, and branding, it is worth mentioning that those are the only changes. The supplement’s formula has remained exactly the same, still being powered by electrolytes and goBHB ketones. The brand’s menu have also remained the same with three flavors in Strawberry Lemonade, Cucumber Lime, and Orange Mango.

Lastly, Limited Labs has announced that it is going to have a powder version of Ketone io as well as the RTD. It will be available in the same three flavors as the RTD with Strawberry Lemonade, Cucumber Lime, and Orange Mango, and be packaged in boxes of 15 single serving packets. The powder will also come in a variety box featuring five packets of each of Ketone io’s flavors.

With all of these changes, you might be thinking the brand has probably had to push back its launch a bit. Believe it or not, Limited Labs is still set to start shipping Ketone io in January of next year. Originally, it was actually aiming for the first week of January, which has now changed to just seven days later to the week of January 9th.

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