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Assassinate set to put Olympus Labs in the stimulant free weight loss category

olympus labs assassinate

Olympus Labs has definitely been one of the more impressive brands in 2016, introducing new supplement after new supplement. Its releases also haven’t been your typical products, although one of its more typical releases did end up getting its reworked pre-workout competitor onto our list of top 10 pre-workouts. With still a few weeks left before the end of the year, it’s no surprise that Olympus Labs actually has one more supplement up its sleeve, which we have a preview of today.

The latest upcoming product from the innovative brand is Olympus Labs Assassinate, a formula designed for a fairly mainstream category. Assassinate is in fact a stimulant free fat burner, although despite being without stimulants it still promotes a long list of effects. The highlights the brand has put right on its label include blood glucose reduction, leptin activation, antioxidant and health benefits, and the most interesting one of them all, thermogenesis. The reason that’s so interesting is because thermogenesis is usually an effect you only ever see promised by stimulant supplements.

From here we’ll probably get the label for Olympus Labs Assassinate next, then shortly after that the launch of the product. While we did say earlier that it does look like the brand may have one more up its sleeve for 2016, we aren’t yet sure on whether Assassinate will be available this year or next. Either way we do know it’s near and is going to be Olympus Labs’ next big release.

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