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ErgoGenix unveils its latest pre-workout effort ErgoPre Max

ErgoPre Max

It wasn’t that long ago that ErgoGenix launched its most recent pre-workout supplement ErgoPre, which was introduced roughly nine months ago. Today the brand has released an image of yet another new pre-workout competitor officially titled ErgoPre Max.

While nine months doesn’t sound like that long ago to be introducing a possible replacement pre-workout, for ErgoGenix it isn’t all that strange. The current ErgoPre originally replaced the ten-month-old ErgoBlast, so to be seeing ErgoPre Max nine months after ErgoPre, isn’t all that surprising.

As for what we know about ErgoPre Max at the moment, we only really know its name and a few highlights, with nothing about its ingredients. The upcoming product is said to help with energy, focus, and pump, will have 30 servings per tub, and come in at least one flavor with Raspberry Lemonade.

Despite knowing very little about the supplement, we still feel ErgoPre Max is going to be an interesting one to watch. The reason we think that is because of last month’s unveiling of ErgoShred, the latest ErgoGenix fat burner, where the brand shows that it’s not afraid of powerful ingredients by packing the product with the likes of TeaCrine and DMHA.