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Brands Of The Year #2: Ghost does it all and more in 2017

Ghost Supplements

When it comes to our list of top five brands of the year, one of the big things we look for is creativity, such as did the brand successfully do something different. The name we have today coming in as the second best brand of 2017 is Ghost Supplements, who showed its creative ability multiple times in the year.

Back when Ghost first arrived in the industry about one and a half years ago in mid-2016, it was obvious it wanted to be different. Its look, style, type of products, marketing, and everything in between, resulted in a combination of things that we hadn’t ever seen from a supplement company.

Ghost Infrared

Fat burner Infrared

In 2017, Ghost took the momentum it gained in the year prior and worked non-stop to become one of the most known new brands on the market. For Ghost the year kicked off in February, where it launched its first entirely new product with the packed out fat burner Infrared.

Not too long after the launch of Infrared Ghost really picked up the pace. In just over one month between May and April, the brand dropped its first basic formula with Ghost Fish Oil, a Peanut Butter Cereal Milk Ghost Whey, and an industry first spin-off of its pre-workout, the stylish Guzman edition Ghost Legend.

Evolution of creatine

In the months to follow Ghost continued to prove that it’s all about doing its own thing. Around the middle of the year fans of the brand were treated to its second official Warheads flavor for its pre-workout Ghost Legend and what we believe to be the evolution of creatine supplementation.

Ghost Size

That evolution is a product from Ghost called Ghost Size. It is a somewhat simple, well-dosed combination of multiple strength and muscle building ingredients. We were fortunate enough to run the supplement for a good month and were so impressed we gave it a spot on our list of top five muscle building products.

Strong finish

In the last few months of the year, Ghost just kept the pressure on its competition. While it already had a year filled with unique and very effective releases, it was not yet done with 2017.

Ghost Whey

Ghost finished the year with the launch of Ghost BCAA, a simpler alternative to its original Ghost Amino, as well as the release of two special Ghost Whey flavors. Just for the holidays, the brand put together Snickerdoodle and White Chocolate Peppermint Bark Ghost Whey, with the latter being exclusive to the retailer GNC.

Incredible year

As we look back on 2017 for Ghost, all we can say is the brand did everything it could, and it did it well. It showed off its creative ability in more ways than one, gave us another industry first with its Christian Guzman collaboration, and essentially revitalized the creatine category.

You can almost guarantee that Ghost has big plans for 2018, if not bigger than everything it did in 2017. The top rated brand still has the previously talked about Ghost Pump and Maxx Chewning flavor to come, as well as no doubt other great projects it’s yet to say anything about.

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