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Outbreak updates Serum with Vaso6, citrulline and Nitrosigine

Outbreak Serum

The apocalyptic themed supplement company Outbreak Nutrition, who last year hit the industry with its impressive DMHA pre-workout Pathogen. Has started 2018 with an update to one of its previously released products, the stimulant free, pump pre-workout, Serum.

The new Outbreak Serum actually features a combination of ingredients very different from the previous version. While it is still a muscle pump enhancing supplement, over half of the ingredients from the original Serum are no longer in the mix.

Outbreak Serum

The features making up Outbreak’s all-new Serum are citrulline at a heavy 4g, half a gram each of potassium nitrate and Nitrosigine, 300mg of Vaso6, and 5mg of huperzine A. The combination certainly looks like it’ll be fun, even more so when mixed with the brand’s stimulant pre-workout Pathogen which also has citrulline in it as well as another pump ingredient with agmatine.

According to Outbreak Nutrition, its almost entirely reformulated Serum is due to arrive sometime next week. Those interested in getting their hands on the product when it arrives will want to keep an eye on the brand’s online store, where it will be available at $34.99 for a full tub of 25 servings.