Highly anticipated NTel Nutra Mega Arez now available for pre-order

Mega Arez

As promised, NTel Nutra has spent very little time waiting around to make its latest and greatest pre-workout, Mega Arez, available for pre-order. It was only a few days ago that the brand completely unveiled the supplement, and now there are two places you can go to secure yourself a tub.

One of the locations to head to is, of course, NTel Nutra’s own online store, with the other option being the retailer Suppz. Both places have Mega Arez for the same price at $34.99 for a full-size 25 serving tub.

While both NTel Nutra and Suppz have Mega Arez for the same price, Suppz is the better way to go. Firstly, you can use the coupon “STACK3D” and get 5% discount, dropping the pre-workout down to $33. You then have all the benefits of the store’s rewards program and not to mention, Suppz is the only place you can get the Mega Arez flavor Bomb Sick’ll.

Regardless of which way you go, NTel Nutra’s website or Suppz, both places will be shipping the product in just under one week’s time on Thursday the 18th of this month.

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