TruCreatine+ switches to Creapure and adds in ElevATP

Jan 25th, 2018
TruCreatine Plus

PEScience has put together a new, slightly more advanced version of its muscle and strength building creatine, TruCreatine. Like most creatine supplements, the original TruCreatine featured just the one ingredient with creatine anhydrous dosed at 3g per serving.

There is now a new TruCreatine available from PEScience called TruCreatine+. In terms of types of creatine, the brand has switched things up for TruCreatine, as it now no longer features creatine anhydrous.

The latest from PEScience brings together two ingredients, the first being the more traditional form of creatine with Creapure creatine monohydrate dosed at 5g per serving. The only other component in TruCreatine+ is ElevATP at 150mg per serving to help with ATP production.

TruCreatine+ is now available through in the same one option as the original TruCreatine with an Unflavored 30 serving tub. The price on it is $21.41, although as mentioned recently with the release of TruRecover and Omega-3+, use the coupon code “PES30” and you can save 30%.