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Tim Muriello confirms more Chill and Grow shapes and flavors

Chill and Grow

Following last month’s release of the CBD oil and BCAA supplement Chill and Grow, a post-workout gummy snack designed to help you relax and recover. Tim Muriello has announed that his extremely unique product is coming soon in more flavors and shapes outside of its original jelly filled gummy frogs.

Muriello has confirmed that he has two more variants of Chill and Grow on the way, still featuring the same CBD oil and BCAA formula. The sweet new gummy variants are jelly filled sour octopuses and some delicious looking turtles.

There is currently no estimated time of arrival for Tim Muriello’s new Chill and Grow options, only that they’re on the way. When they do eventually arrive, if they’re like the original jelly filled gummy frogs, you’ll be able to get them at for $39.99 for a bag of ten frogs.