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Ceuticore moves on to teasing its second big supplement for 2018

ceuticore nutrition

From January to February Ceuticore Nutrition hyped and released a new version of its pre-workout supplement PES. This week it looks like the brand is wanting to do the process all over again with another new product it plans on unleashing here in early 2018.

To kick things off, Ceuticore has released a vague teaser image of its upcoming supplement. Like most good teasers, we don’t get any clear details from the image, only that it’s a powder formula and the last letter in its name is “X”.

While the information we have may not sound like all that much, it is actually quite exciting for fans of Ceuticore. Unlike last month’s new release, PES, the next one from the brand looks like it’s going to be an entirely new product as there isn’t anything in its current lineup ending in the letter “X”.

Fortunately, more details on the next Ceuticore Nutrition supplement will be coming within the next week or two. At the moment we don’t really have any strong guesses at the mystery product so we do look forward to the new information.

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