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News Of The Week: Details on ‘Merica Energy and Amazon does In-Car Delivery

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This past week we’ve seen a lot of exciting stories posted here at Stack3d, quite of bit of them not actually having to do with all-new supplements being unveiled. We’ve got a list of the five most interesting pieces of news below including details on ‘Merica’s new energy drink and how you can now have your supplements delivered to your car.

Second Halo Top Scoop Shop location has a secret menu

The creative team behind the delicious Halo Top protein ice cream announced that it’s launched a second Scoop Shop at Westfield Century City in Los Angeles. A Halo Top Scoop Shop is a place where the brand sells its protein ice cream in soft serve form and in a variety of mouthwatering styles.

arez pedigree

Pitbull and NTel want you to decide the look of Arez Pedigree

Pitbull Labs and NTel Nutra officially unveiled the two final looks it’s deciding between for their industry-first supplement. The upcoming pre-workout product is called Arez Pedigree, and is special because it will be the first product created by two separate supplement companies.

Amazon can now deliver your supplements right to your car

Amazon’s Key service gets a very convenient and unique new feature called In-Car Delivery. Just like how Amazon Key can have your packages delivered inside your home, it can now also have your packages delivered right into the boot of your car.

mars hiprotein bar

Mars unveils its upcoming HiProtein and Protein Flapjack bars

The Mars candy company announced that it’s expanding its lineup of protein products over in the UK and Europe. The brand has introduced four new protein bars with Mars and Snickers HiProtein and the oat-based Bounty and Snickers Protein Flapjacks.

‘Merica Energy combines great flavor with a boost in energy and focus

‘Merica Labz has finally and completely unveiled its highly anticipated energy drink, ‘Merica Energy. The product is due to launch in about one month’s time in four delicious looking flavors and with a formula to boost both energy and mental focus.

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