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Barebells teases a possible waffle cone protein ice cream

barebells ice cream

The maker of our favorite protein bar on the market right now, Barebells, has announced that it has yet another great looking product coming soon. The news has been released in combination with a teaser image that gives us a pretty good idea on what we’re in for.

The next, no doubt delicious creation from Barebells appears to be another ice cream that we assume will be infused with protein or low in carbs. The difference with this one compared to the European brand’s other two ice creams released earlier this year, is that it has a waffle cone instead of being an ice cream bar or stick.

Barebells has immediately caught our attention with this one, so we’re definitely interested in seeing what this turns out to be. Also, if the brand plans on unveiling this one as fast as it did its last few releases, we should find out exactly what the latest Barebells product is very soon.

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