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Controlled Labs keeps the quality supplements coming with Blue Sugar

controlled labs blue sugar

Since the start of the year Controlled Labs has really hit it out of the park with the two new supplements its launched. We were first treated to the very well put together nootropic formula Orange BrainWash, then just last month we got the also well formulated stimulant pre-workout White Flash.

Controlled Labs has now unveiled another entirely new product for 2018, introducing its nutrient partitioner, Blue Sugar. Like most supplements in the advanced category, Blue Sugar is designed to help drive nutrients such as carbohydrates, into your muscles as opposed to being stored as fat. That benefit can result in effects like giving you better muscle pumps while working out.

controlled labs blue sugar

The formula behind Controlled Labs Blue Sugar features four main ingredients along with 5mg of BioPerine to enhance absorption of everything. Those four main ingredients are 1.5g of banaba leaf, half a gram of berberine to enhance glucose tolerance, 250mg of agmatine, and 200mg of Cinnulin PF cinnamon to support healthy blood sugar and blood pressure.

According to Controlled Labs, its all-new nutrient partitioner Blue Sugar, is going to be available for purchase sometime next week. We’re not sure on the exact day or the price it’ll be launched for, although we do know it’ll have 30 servings per bottle. The brand directs users to take a maximum of one serving per day with a high carbohydrate meal.