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Fitness Informant looking like it’s working on its own supplement

fitness informant supplement

Over the past few years we’ve seen a number of fitness celebrities jump into the supplement game, and start their very own supplement brand. Something we don’t recall seeing is a well-known fitness website giving the market a go, although it looks like that’s what we’ve got news on today.

The team over at Fitness Informant has been sharing pictures lately of single-ingredient products and samples. Some of the ingredients included are the pump enhancers citrulline, Nitrosigine, and glycerol, the dynamic duo TeaCrine and Dynamine, as well as Compound Solutions’ new Amino 9.

Based on the pictures and everything that’s in there, we can’t help but suspect Fitness Informant is working on its own supplement. If we had to guess the category of the supplement, we’d say pre-workout, purely because the majority of the ingredients pictured are typically found in a pre-workout.

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