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How io technology makes ioWhey Protein one of the best value isolates

iowhey protein

Performix recently released its truly game-changing protein powder ioWhey Protein, exclusively through the Vitamin Shoppe. While a big focus is put on its unique Ingredient Optimized technology, which is why it’s a game-changer, the price on it also makes it one of the best value isolate proteins out there.

Through the Vitamin Shoppe, Performix ioWhey Protein carries a regular price of $39.99 for a 28 serving tub. Each of those servings packs 22g of protein, all from whey isolate, and with its Ingredient Optimized technology, that 22g gives you the same benefit as 30g of protein from standard whey isolate.

When you take into consideration that equivalency of 22g of protein equal to 30g from standard whey isolate, that is where ioWhey Protein becomes one of the best value isolates out there. That competitive value is currently even better as for the month of May the Vitamin Shoppe is running a 25% off Performix sale, making ioWhey only $29.99.

iowhey protein

The calculation you need to look at is this. Its 28 servings of (equivalent to) 30g of protein works out to 33 and a half servings when based on getting 25g of protein per serving. At $30 per tub that is 90 cents per serving, which is rouhgly 7% more expensive than Dymatize’s massive 6lb ISO100 from Costco.

While Performix’s ioWhey Protein isn’t the most cost-effective whey isolate out there, it is incredibly competitive and right up there with the rest. You also have to remember you get the calorie benefit from ioWhey as each serving may be equal to 30g of protein from standard isolate, but it comes with just 100 calories.