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Granite Supplements confirms it is using goBHB in Intra Keto

granite intra keto

When Granite recently unveiled its revamped products, there were quite a few that simply carried over formulas from the brand’s original lineup, but were given different names. One of those supplements was the intra-workout Intra Keto, which features a formula pretty much identical to Granite’s original Keto Factor.

The only real difference we noticed with the new Intra Keto compared to Keto Factor, was that Granite switched from goBHB ketones to regular BHB ketones. The brand has now confirmed that is no longer the case, as it will, in fact, be using the patent-protected goBHB ketones at 4.5g per serving.

While Granite’s website still lists Intra Keto without any mention of goBHB, that will apparently be changing sometime in the near future. The one small switch makes Intra Keto exactly the same as the original Keto Factor, which as mentioned, is the case for other Granite products such as Pre-Mium and Recovery.