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VPX Sports continues its assault on the keto category with Straight 8

vpx sports straight 8

So far this year we’ve seen VPX Sports add a lot of new flavors to its popular Bang energy drink as well as introduce two new ketogenic products. Those products are the energy infused goBHB ketone drink, Meltdown 1 Keto, and the fat burning powder Ketonz.

An image has now surfaced that confirms VPX Sports isn’t quite done with the ketogenic category. The picture features both Meltdown Keto 1 and Ketonz, as well as an all-new liquid supplement called Straight 8, measuring in at 236ml per bottle.

At the moment we can’t confirm everything for VPX Sports Straight 8, only that it features its title ingredient Straight 8 (C8 pure caprylic acid). Straight 8 is also an ingredient you can find in the brand’s own Ketonz, which in that product is dosed at 4g per serving.