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VPX Sports previews its NordicCherry powered Cherry Blast

vpx sports cherry blast

VPX Sports has released a preview of an all-new supplement it has coming soon that’s not actually related to its incredibly popular Bang energy drink. The upcoming product is called Cherry Blast, which at the moment we know very little about due to the brand not sharing a whole lot of information.

Cherry Blast is said to be a supplement that you can use pre, intra, or post-workout, and appears to come in RTD form. As far as its benefits go, we know that the product features NordicCherry branded tart cherry, an ingredient shown to help reduce muscle soreness and increase recovery.

It is also worth mentioning that VPX Sports’ new Cherry Blast is going to be exclusive to the supplement distributor Europa, similar to last year’s Purple Guava Pear Bang and the yet to be released or revealed, multi-colored Bang.