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Black Magic stacks Brain Waves with strong ingredients and doses

black magic brain waves

It turns out, after completely unveiling three of Black Magic Supply’s supplements, it actually has one other product in the family. Along with the brand’s muscle builder Duragains, the pre-workout BZRK, and the amino Keyz, there is also a nootropic focus formula named Brain Waves.

Just like Black Magic’s pre-workout BZRK, Brain Waves features a loaded combination of ingredients which includes the powerful stimulant, DMHA. While DMHA is a strong feature, that is certainly not the only highlight the brand has managed to squeeze into the energy and focus enhancing supplement.

The formula behind Black Magic Brain Waves starts with three transparent ingredients in 600mg each of KSM-66 ashwagandha and lion’s mane, and half a gram of cat’s claw. The other half of the product is made up of a 1.995g non-transparent blend featuring AlphaSize alpha-GPC, caffeine, bacopa, theanine, phosphatidylserine, DMHA, vinpocetine, PQQ, and huperzine A.

black magic brain waves

It is also worth mentioning that even though Brain Waves’ caffeine is in a proprietary blend, Black Magic does share its dose which is 300mg per serving. That is quite a hefty amount compared to what we’re used to seeing in focus supplements, however, there are four capsules in a serving, so you can easily lower the amount to suit your liking.

Just like Black Magic Supply’s other three products, Brain Waves is not available anywhere online just yet, but is being offered up to retailers. The brand is planning to launch a website where you can purchase its supplements direct, although that is currently under construction.