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Sup3r PCT drops DAA and arimistane for PrimaVie and Elimistane

sup3r pct

Olympus Labs has just relaunched its post cycle therapy supplement Sup3r PCT which is designed to support healthy levels of testosterone. The new version features quite a similar formula to its predecessor, with the significant changes being that it no longer includes DAA or arimistane.

You can see the full profile of Olympus Labs revamped Sup3r PCT in the facts panel below. Basically, all of the ingredients from the previous version are in the new one with the exception of those two features we mentioned, DAA and arimistane, both of which have been replaced by entirely new ingredients.

sup3r pct

The updated Sup3r PCT comes with all of the big highlights from its predecessor such as 1.2g of fadogia agrestis, 300mg of mucuna pruriens, and 700mg of bulbine natalensis. As for the replacements taking over DAA and arimistane, Olympus Labs has thrown in 200mg of PrimaVie shilajit and 100mg of the estrogen ingredient also found in Ar1macare and Elim1nate, with Elimistane luteolin.

Olympus Labs has once again teamed up with a retailer for the launch of its latest product, with Strong Supplement Shop being the place officially introducing Sup3r PCT. Through that store, the revamped Sup3r PCT will cost you $39.95 for a full 240 capsule bottle designed to last you the usual 30 days.