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Compound Solutions introduces innovative eOils emulsification technology

The innovative team over at Compound Solutions has announced a creative new fat based technology called eOils. Compound Solutions is known for a number of popular and internationally used ingredients including the stimulants Dynamine and TeaCrine as well as goBHB ketones.

eOils is a patent-pending, emulsification technology that is incredibly convenient and intended for products like coffee creamers, ready-to-drink beverages, and functional coffees. The Compound Solutions technology essentially mixes naturally, non-water-soluble fats with water, and keeps them that way.

“If you were to mix our eOils™ MCT in coffee (a tasty idea!), you would see it dissolve perfectly in a creamy cloud instead of rising to the top in a slick of oil.” says Compound Solutions. We suspect eOils will be something a lot of companies make use of especially after seeing so many fat-based supplements in 2018.

There is a short and informative video Compound Solutions has put together on the topic of eOils emulsification technology, which we’ve embedded for your convenience above. For more information and to request a sample, you can reach out to Compound Solutions through its website.

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