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Nutrabolics previews its real food bar made with whey, nuts and seeds

nutrabolics protein bar

As intriguing as Nutrabolics’ upcoming ketogenic carbohydrate Keto Carb sounds, that’s not all the excitement the brand has up its sleeve. This week Nutrabolics has revealed that it also has a protein bar coming down the pipeline that’ll follow the category trend of a bar made with real food ingredients.

Nutrabolics has been working on its yet to be named protein bar for the past six months. None of the product’s macros have been revealed at this point, however, the brand is saying it will be a clean meal replacement type bar, which usually means it’ll have a good balance of protein, fat, and carbs.

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming Nutrabolics protein bar will be made with real food ingredients similar to the popular RXBar and Marc Lobliner’s delicious Outright Protein Bar. The product’s primary ingredients will be oatmeal, almonds, pecans, whey protein, sunflower and chia seeds, and hemp.

Lastly, Nutrabolics has shared a picture of its promising protein bar, and it does look like quite the treat. It appears to feature main body built with nuts and seeds and a solid chocolate layer across the top. For more information and updates on the product be sure to stay tuned here at Stack3d.

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