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Force Factor packs a unique mix of ingredients into its multi-effect Swagger

force factor swagger

Details have finally come in on the third supplement in Force Factor’s all-new, high-end line of products, the Platinum Series. The last item in the family is Force Factor’s Swagger, which actually features quite a unique mix of ingredients for a somewhat different kind of supplement experience.

Force Factor promotes Swagger as an attitude and confidence formula that also helps with stress, energy, mood, anxiety, focus, and fatigue. Three of the product’s main ingredients are premium, patented compounds with a strong 600mg of KSM-66 ashwagandha, 25mg of Zembrin sceletium tortuosum, and 25mg of the absorption enhancer BioPerine.

force factor swagger

The rest of the ingredients making up a single four-capsule serving of Force Factor Swagger are half a gram of tyrosine, 300mg each of rhodiola and St. John’s wart, 400mg of 5-HTP, and 200mg of SAMe. As mentioned, the supplement features a unique formula, resulting in a multi-category product that creatively mixes anti-stress with focus and mood.

Force Factor’s all-new Swagger is now available over at GNC alongside the rest of the exclusive Platinum Series with Alpha King Immortal and Prime Time. As expected based on its description of a high-end line, the Platinum supplements are quite pricey at $109.99 for Swagger, $139.99 for Prime Time, and $159.99 for Alpha King Immortal.