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ClearPharm introduces another promising supplement with Magnitude

clearpharm magnitude

It turns out, the up and coming ClearPharm out of the UK, has a bit more on the way than just its muscle and strength builder Preponderant. The brand has announced it has another strength and muscle building supplement dropping next month called Magnitude, which features an entirely different set of ingredients compared to Preponderant

Firstly, ClearPharm Magnitude is a flavored product built to support muscle strength and size, as well as performance. At the moment the brand has only confirmed the names of the ingredients included in the supplement, not any of their doses, although based on how well put together its other items are, we imagine the doses won’t disappoint.

Squeezed into each serving of ClearPharm’s upcoming and promising Magnitude are the performance and strength ingredients elevATP, PeakATP, creatine monohydrate, and the PeakO2 blend. On top of all of that, there is HMB free acid, betaine anhydrous, amentoflavone, schisandra, vitamin D3, and for better absorption, AstraGin.

As mentioned, just like ClearPharm’s other new supplement Preponderant, Magnitude is due to be available for purchase in the UK sometime next month. We also won’t be waiting too long to find out what all of the doses in the muscle and strength building powder are, as the brand has said it’llbe sharing the full label tomorrow.