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Beast teases its second supplement formulated by the Guerrilla Chemist

beast sports neuro beast

Beast Sports recently partnered with the reputable supplement formulator the Guerrilla Chemist for its new testosterone booster Super Test Maximum. When teasing Super Test the brand mentioned it wasn’t the only product it had teamed up with the Guerrilla Chemist for, suggesting we were in for an entire series.

A teaser image has now been shared of Beast Sports’ second Guerrilla Chemist formulated supplement that keeps all of its important details covered up. What we can confirm is that the upcoming product will come in a capsule type bottle, which does actually help shrink down the list of possible categories for this one.

Based on the types of supplements we’ve seen the Guerrilla Chemist create, we’re guessing that the next Beast Sports collaboration will be a fat burner or focus formula. We can kind of see the first part of the name in the teaser that at least to us, looks like the word Neuro, which would fit with our guess of a focus product.

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