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Delicious new flavor coming soon for Arms Race Nutrition’s pre-workouts

arms race nutrition harness

While Julian Smith’s supplement brand Arms Race Nutrition only just hit the market about a month ago, there is already news of more excitement coming. The brand has confirmed that sometime within the next few weeks it plans on launching an all-new flavor for its two pre-workouts, Harness and the stim-free Daily Pump.

For now, Arms Race Nutrition has not revealed the name of its upcoming flavor, although it has said it’s something delicious, which does sound promising. A lot of the brand’s current options are quite creative as well, so we wouldn’t be surprised if its new Harness and Daily Pump flavor is both delicious and not something we’ve seen before.

Arms Race Nutrition hasn’t dropped any hints or clues at its mystery creation, but again, it will be unveiling everything and launching the Harness and Daily Pump flavor in just a few weeks.