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Performix introduces its recovery boosting formula Superhuman Recovery

performix superhuman recovery

Superhuman Recovery is the first entirely new supplement from Performix since it reintroduced itself with SST Pre at this year’s Olympia Expo. As the name of the product suggests, Superhuman Recovery is indeed a recovery enhancing supplement formulated to boost your body’s own natural recovery process.

Also included in Performix’s recovery product are ingredients to support hydration as well as lean muscle growth. As for the formula behind Superhuman Recovery, it is mostly made up of essential amino acids. Each serving comes with 6.2g of eight of the nine EAAs, with 4g of that being BCAAs, and histidine being the EAA that’s missing.

performix superhuman recovery

On top of the aminos, Performix’s Superhuman Recovery has 3g of the reliable strength ingredient creatine monohydrate and an 850mg regeneration complex. That blend consists of 100mg of wild blueberry, 700mg of Lepidamax branded maca, and 50mg of phellodendron containing berberine and Vineatrol 20 grape vine.

Performix has launched its second new supplement for the year, this week, through its retail partner GNC. Superhuman Recovery comes with the usual 30 servings per tub and two fruity flavors in Midnight Punch and Cherry Limeade. From GNC, the latest Performix product will cost you the same as SST Pre at $44.99 each.