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Honey Melon confirmed as Barebells’ limited Milkshake flavor for summer

barebells honey melon milkshake

Following yesterday’s teaser, which included brief glimpses of the product’s name, Barebells has revealed the new, Summer Edition flavor of its tasty protein RTD, Milkshake. The flavor has turned out to be precisely what we suspected based on the few frames we saw of the product’s name, with a rather unique Honey Melon Barebells Milkshake.

The fruit flavor comes with the on-the-go protein shake’s usual 24g of protein and no added sugar, with 5g of fat, 12g of carbohydrates, and a reasonable 187 calories. Barebells describes its Honey Melon Milkshake as a combination of fresh honey melon and the playful taste of summer, that should make for an protein RTD experience unlike any other.

As mentioned, the product is a special Summer Edition release, so it’s only going to be around for a limited time. With that said, the brand has made some past summer efforts permanent, which could easily end up happening to Honey Melon.

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