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Honey Nut takes HighKey’s keto-friendly Protein Cereal menu to five

highkey honey nut protein cereal

HighKey has been quite an exciting brand to watch these past few months, dropping several new products and flavor expansions, including one for its Protein Cereal in the colorful, Fruity. This week, the creative, functional company is back with another addition to that same product, which we reviewed and found to have great flavor but an unfortunate chewy, compounding after-effect.

The new addition to HighKey’s Protein Cereal, joining the originals Frosted, Cocoa, and Cinnamon, and the more recent Fruity, is a classic cereal flavor with Honey Nut. It comes with the same lean nutrition profile as the others, with a half-cup or 28g serving packing 10g of protein, 12g of carbohydrates with just a gram of that net carbohydrates and zero sugar, 4.5g of fat, and 80 calories.

HighKey’s Honey Nut Protein Cereal is available now from both Amazon and the brand’s website. No matter which way you go, both have the product at $11.79 a box, however from Amazon, you purchase single boxes, whereas only has sets of four.

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