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Kaged keeps the releases coming with the tease of a performance formula

kaged muscle defcon1

Kaged Muscle has begun teasing yet another new supplement, separate from the Kaged Muscle Naturals Series it shared details about last week. The Naturals line is made up of three products with Multivitamin, the superfood formula Outlive 100, and Plantein. The brand has not revealed much of anything about its next mysterious supplement, only that it’s related to performance.

With already so many products for various categories in the Kaged Muscle lineup, from pre and post-workout to fat loss and testosterone boosting, we can only guess it’s something the brand doesn’t have. The major categories Kaged Muscle isn’t in at the moment would probably be a pump enhancing pre-workout and something for the nootropic market to increase and improve focus.

It would be interesting to see what the Kaged Muscle team comes up with regardless of which category it plans to tackle next, whether it be pump, focus, or something else entirely. The good thing is the brand tends to move quickly from teaser to reveal, so we should find out what Kaged’s upcoming performance-type supplement is all about soon.

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