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Energy drink version of XP Sports’ gaming supplement Boost coming soon

xp sports boost energy drink

The gaming supplement company XP Sports from Iovate, just hit the market and can be purchased directly from the brand’s website as well as on Amazon at some very competitive prices. XP Sports has started out with three different products, the energy and focus boosting formulas Boost and Zero-Lag, and the caffeine-free, focus-enhancing edible, Gummies.

It now appears that XP Sports has a fourth product up its sleeve that perfectly fits around all of the others as it comes in a very different format. Details have surfaced on a beverage version of Boost, promising all of the same benefits, but instead of coming in powder form to mix together in a shaker cup, it is a carbonated and convenient Boost energy drink.

We’re not sure if XP Sports is carrying over all of the ingredients and dosages from the powder to the Boost beverage, but it promotes the same benefits, including energy, performance, focus, alertness, and eye health. The product will have zero sugar and calories, and the same two flavors as the Boost powder in Rainbow Candy and Sour Lime Pucker Face.

As mentioned, XP Sports’ first three supplements, Boost, Zero-Lag, and Gummies only just hit the market, but no word yet on when the Boost energy drink will be available.

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