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Myprotein’s release rampage continues with a third Double Dough Brownie flavor

myprotein cookies cream double dough brownie

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve shared a whole bunch of news from Myprotein in the UK about new products, flavors, and bundles it has released just in time for Black Friday. That is not to be confused with everything the brand has done in the US with its separate six products for the annual sales event, one of which is entirely new, plus a huge 45% off

While we have shared a lot of news and excitement from Myprotein recently, it turns out there is one more launch. On top of the brand’s new flavors for Gooey Filled Cookie, Clear Whey Isolate, and Carb Crusher, the limited Golden Box, and the all-new Beauty, Bio, and Energy Bites, Myprotein has a new flavor for its delicious and barely one-month-old Double Dough Brownie.

The rich, protein-packed snack previously came in two delicious-sounding flavors with White Chocolate and Marshmallow, and Chunky Chocolate. There is now a third taste to choose from with something a little more traditional in Cookies and Cream. It is packed with a solid 14g of protein per brownie, 24g of carbohydrates, 7.2g of sugar, 9.6g of fat, and a calorie count of 247.

You can grab Myprotein’s new Cookies and Cream Double Dough Brownie from its primary, international website at £24.99 (33.39 USD). If however you purchase the product this week using the coupon code ‘BLACK’, you can get in on the brand’s massive Black Friday sale with 45% off, which drops the Double Dough Brownie to £13.74 (18.36 USD).

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