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Genius Gourmet puts BHB ketones into stick packs but doesn’t list the amount

genius gourmet keto bhb

Originally Genius Gourmet was all about keto-friendly functional food, launching with the delicious and rich Keto Bar, followed this year by Keto Snack Chips and the on-the-go Keto Shake. The brand has slowly dipped its toes into keto-type supplements with an unflavored collagen peptide powder and collagen combined with MCT oil in three different flavors.

Genius Gourmet has now introduced another keto product, something that we felt was only a matter of time with Keto BHB. It is a BHB ketone supplement, although it isn’t all that transparent with the brand not listing anywhere how many ketones you get per serving. We do know a serving has 25 calories and weighs 5.5g, so you get less than that in BHB ketones.

If you’d like to grab Genius Gourmet Keto BHB, despite it not listing the amount of BHB ketones like most others, you can pick it up from the brand’s website. The supplement comes in unflavored stick packs with 14 per box and costs $29.99, which is just under Giant Keto, although that has a lot more in it and it’s transparent with 12g of goBHB in each of its 15 servings.